Zoe at about 14 weeks old.
Zoe as a new kitten. Her face is classic Main Coon cat.
Zoe was at play constantly as a kitten.
Addie at about 14 weeks. She weighed over 4 lbs at her initial vet checkup.
At about one year, Zoe and Addie still spend a lot of time together.
This is not a posed shot of Zoe and Addie. I consider myself a terrible pet photographer. All shots are usually the result of a mad scramble to find the point and shoot camera.
All three cats, Zoe, Ry and Addie on another favorite spot - my desk.
Okay, for a few shots I did try and pose Addie. No lights, tripod or flash, though. Maybe I'll try again someday.
....and one more. She hit 16.5 lbs at one year. Definately a big girl!
Another posed shot.....
Zoe at about one year. With her mixed colors, she is called a "Torbie".
Zoe has a beaufiful face that somewhat resembles an Egyptian Mau.
Zoe at one of favorite destinations, with me & on my desk.