Ry and Koko together at about 4-5 months.
Clockwise: Ziggy; 1976-1995, Ry, 1995-2010, KoKo, 1995-2005.
Ry at about one year. Her eyes are a beautiful pale green.
Ry in one her favorite spots before I got a modern LCD display.
Koko at about 7 or 8. She succumbed to heart disease at about 10. An incredible cat that we miss greatly.
Ry in 2005. Just before we added some new members to the family.
Ry and KoKo in their favorite spot - the kitchen table window. The view ranges from the birdfeeder to the river.
This is Addie, which is short for Adriana. She is a purebred Maine Coon cat. The picture was taken in May 2005. In this shot she is 12 weeks old and has been in her new home for a just a few hours.
This is Zoe. She is also a purebred Main Coon cat. This is her at 12 weeks in her new home about a week after Addie arrived. After about 45 minutes, they became great friends. They are not from the same litter but are cousins.