Our previous kits are sold out and will not be re-run

.....After a few years in business our once-a-year kit runs started selling out within months of being introduced, so many people missed out. We often get requests from customers for more information on them when shopping the resale or secondary market. We do not broker these out of production kits or keep any lists of kits for sale by individuals. For more about a particular kit, click on a picture of the kit shown and you will be linked to the pages that we posted when the kit was for sale.. The list below is our entire product for 23 years beginning in 1991. Thanks for looking!

Kit No.140. Ware Knitters
Kit. No. 130. The Millett Creamery
Kit No. 120. Threadwell Textile
Kit No. 110. Delabarre Tap & Die
Kit No. 150, Martin Machine Co.
Kit No. 180, Blackstone Paper Mills.
Kit No. 160, The Stone Roundhouse.
Kit No. 170, Rugg Manufacturing.
Kit No. 220, The Brick Roundhouse.
Kit No. 210, Thorndike Mills.
Kit No. 200, Cambridge Crossing
Kit No. 190, Lamson & Goodnow Mfg.
Kit No. 230, Currier & Sons.
Kit No. 240, Car Shop/Diesel Shop
Kit No. 260, The Salyes Mill
Kit No. 250,Whitinsville Spinning Ring
Kit No. 270, Whitney Bent Furniture
Kit No. 280, Wrisley Papers
Kit No. 290, Kingston Creamery Kit No. 300, Kendall's
Kit No. 310, Spencer Paper Box
Kit No. 320, Streeters & Clear Brook Kit No. 330, Robinsons Electric Kit No. 340, Delabarre Woolens
Kit No. 350, O.V. Hooker & Son
Kit No. 360, H.W. Myers & Son Kit No. 370, Tucker & Cook