This page represents work done from 2008 to 2016. Some pics are earlier & some are later. To show process, these are mostly "candid" as opposed to staged " beauty" shots. Click the panorana below to view all the pictures in Flickr.
The panorama above is from 2008.
This series of picture gives a left to right view of individual areas seen in the panorama above.
Entering the bridge.
Before and after adding trees & other foliage.
Slightly elevated views from the yard area.
A variety of view of the Lenticular truss bridge scene over the stairwell.
Leaving the yard. Factory housing.
View of Wrisley's from the stairwell.
Rockwork & planting at the stairwell.
Factory housing. Views of (the original, not the kit) Matt's Auto Repair and the Texaco gas station.
Mainline following the river with a hidden passing siding in the adjacent slope.
The "Wye" Most recently finished scenery area Powerhouse under construction.
"The Island"
This was the largest portion of the layout I had not worked on. In 2014, I decided to put a river down the center of this island, showcase mills on either side and build a curved stone bridge at the end. The bridge, which was totally scratchbuit, required a dozen patterns/molds and a lot of calculations! Building the arches stone by stone, I used multiple pieces of Russ Greene's (New England Brownstone) stone pattern for the coursed stone in each master pattern. I designed Kit 350 for this section and then took 5 other kits out of their dioramas. Click on the photo to the left and you will be taken to a Flickr presentation of the process/progres to date.