This page shows progress up to 2005. To show process, these are mostly "candid" as opposed to staged " beauty" shots. Click a thumbnail to view.
These four pictures show the Thorndike complex from the air and then moving down to a ground view.
Another ground view of the Thorndike complex. On the mainline just having passed Conway Mills. Two view of the Conway Mills complex with it's unusual concrete trestle siding. This is based on a complex in Mass. that is now being demolished.
Several views at slightly different angles of the road leading through the hills to Lamson and Goodnow. This stretch of scenery is 20" long.
Taking in the mainline overpass, the road to L&G and the mill in the background.
Starting with an overall aerial location shot of Lamson & Goodnow and Wrisley Papers , a couple of ground level shots give an entirely different look to the scene. This area still has stores and factory housing to be installed.
From the bottom: the wye to the yard, the mainline and the mountain division entering a tunnel
Two more views showing L&G and Wrisley.
A final shot showing the mainline overpass and the hills after leaving the "populated" areas.