The following is work by my friend Mark Gionet. mark and I have been trading model railroading ideas for over 25 years. This is his rendition of a merge of two kits. Threadwell Textile and Ware Knitters. I took these photos on the fly with a little point & shoot and it's built in flash - so I'll apologise for the quality of the photography and the clumsy Photoshop patching on the backdrop. The detail and realism Mark has is quite amazing. Seeing it in person (or with better photography) is best. Mark has developed a unique pallet of special techniques and has also managed to integrate a variety of after-market materials and details into this scene. You have to take a good, long look to see all the special touches. The other side is just as nice. This is part of Mark's pike, which moved about six times before finding permanent residence in his basement in Virginia.