There is nothing to hold back the modeler from applying his or her own unique interpretation to a South River Modelworks kit. We have seen more variations than we ever could have imagined-Great work!! From the pictures you will also notice the following:
  • The precision parts and the accurate directions will allow you to build the kit exactly as it was presented in the advertisement.
  • The scenery in some of the examples was developed from methods presented in the direction set.
  • Buildings can be altered from their orginal form or footprint in a variety of ways.
  • Our initial siting recommendation for a kit is a suggestion only; use your own plan!
Ed Rosen
George Sellios
Dick Elwell
George Gessey
Threadwell Textile
The Stone Roundhouse
Martin Machine
Rugg Manufacturing
Mel Wolf
Bob Mitchell
Mark Gionet
Scott Baroody
Threadwell Textile
Sayles Mill
The Brick Roundhouse
Millet Creamery
Jason Fontaine
Tony Burgess
Vinny Graziuso
Jose Rios
SRMW kits on his layout
Whitney Bent
The Sayles Mill
His Dioramas
Mike Tylick
Blackstone Paper Mill