In the first part of the twentieth century, the dairy industry was a major economic power in the northeast United States. Creameries and their supporting icehouses were to be found in abundance along every railroad line. In New York State the upstate farms and creameries provided a steady flow of dairy products.  The majority of this production found it's way across the state and eventually south to New York City via such lines as the D&H, The Rutland, and the New York Central Railroad. Every major and minor Northeastern Railroad, at one time, derived significant revenue from the dairy industry.
The Kingston Creamery is based on a creamery that existed in the Kingston, New York area and was most likely served by a branch of the D&H. We used this creamery as a basis for our design and added features found from other creameries in the region. The facility is near a lake and has it's own masonry icehouse. A conveyor system run by a hit and miss engine enables the workers to both fill the three levels with ice and remove it as needed. Locals can also purchase ice, In addition to a dedicated spur track off the main line, loading dock facilities front and back serve truck traffic to and from the local farms and community. This kit is intended for a flat site and. Like most of our kits, many of the sections can be arranged in a different fashion to suit the modeler's needs.
Like all of our kits, the wall castings and masonry sections are made from scratch by hand carving. The clapboard used for the wood walls is a special slightly aged version from Northeastern Scale Lumber. This wood is laser cut by for us by Northeastern Scale Models, which also provides both the new scalloped shingles seen on the walls and a new wood shake roof. These new, pre-assembled shingle sheets dramatically reduce construction time. We have also added many new metal castings, including many of the windows, doors and ice conveyor apparatus.  In addition, there are Grandt Line windows, metal etchings, stripwood from Northeastern and Mt. Albert and much more.