This mill is based on a larger version that we built a few years ago for our layout.  It is named as a tribute to a friend, Ray Wrisley, who grew up in our home town of Conway, MA.  The product, fine writing papers, also represents a connection to this person. The design itself is a composite; based on many of the New England mills found in the mill villages we have visited over the years.
Wrisley is based on what might have been present in a one industry mill village during the mid 1930's to the late 1940's. The village is near a single track mainline that follows the river that also gives access to water power. We have presented a mill that was built over a period of about 100 years. Intially powered by water, by the time of the Depression; coal, oil and electricity were most likely the primary energy sources.
The Main Mill is made primarily of wood. We used Northeastern Scale Lumber's Aged Siding for the walls to simulate old siding. This building sits on a masonry lower level that is set against a rise in grade. The entire mill, however, is designed to be built on a flat site. The presention diorama was done to emulate our layout original. Attached to the Main Mill is a Brick Addition representing the "modernization " of the building. This section, like the lower lever of the Main Mill, is made from urethane castings based on hand carved masters. The coal dock and trestles are included in the kit. If you would like to revert to a more involved example of water power, a cue can be taken from our layout original.

The single photo above showcases the original mill built for our layout. All other photos on this page are of the kit version The river and scenery wrap around the corner to the right and go back about six feet. We finished the water scene in 2006.