This mill is a composite design based primarily on the Samuel S, Bent & Brothers Chair Company in Gardner, Massachusetts. The company was established in the 1860s and was well known for making fine Windsor chairs, a design popular in 18th century colonial America. These chairs are much sought after by today by collectors. This mill is one of many that once populated the landscape of Gardner, a town still recognized for it's furniture production.
While the main inspiration for this mill comes from the original Samuel S. Bent facility, it also incorporates features from a similar (and very decrepit) mill that is just down the road. We also used a part from a Mill in Brattleboro, Vermont and the store is based on a late 19th century bakery that was in Florence, Massachusetts.
The main mill is made primarily of wood. We used Northeastern Scale Lumber's Aged Siding for the walls to simulate century old siding. This building sits on a masonry lower level that can be removed so the building can be built on a flat site. Instead of featuring water in this kit, we surrounded the mill with roads and rails. The Girder Bridge and the retaining walls shown to the left of the building is included in the kit. The Brick Store creates a steet scene and the opportunity to increase the activity in the loading areas adajcent to the mill.
The Mill Today
The Larger Scene.