The pictures above are of two active & thriving business in the upper Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. We always get the most enjoyment out of making models of buildings that still stand or once existed. If you are in the area, you can stop in at Baker's. You can get a good view of Matt's from the scenic Mohawk Trail and if you have car trouble you are in good hands.

"A Multi Media Kit"

We are fond of using this description for our kits. After handcrafting the master patterns we make our masonry castings of urethane. Wood walls are laser cut from special pattern of weathered basswood siding made for us by Northeastern Scale Lumber. This special pattern is ideal for a clean look or heavily aged. There is a fine collection of white metal detail parts provided in a separate jewelry box. As with the wall castings, all the patterns are designed and made in our shop. As always, you can expect precision materials including: Mt. Albert Stripwood, a variety of roofing materials and a window assortment containing windows designed by Grandt Line and SRMW.

A kit that can be built....…

At SRMW, all the design, tooling, and directions are done in house. Nothing is farmed out. This high level of control insures the best possible accuracy - which is essential in a complex craftsman kit.

The foundation of the instructions is an extensive 86 page book. This is spiral-bound, has large clear print, 180 photographs plus addditional illustrations. There is also a color center section in addition to plan cards and color posters. This instruction set is not just a litany of "attach Part A to Part B". As much as possible, we attempt to de-mystify the entire craftsman kit building process by documenting the entire process as we build our diorama, sharing with you the nuances and discoveries we encounter during the construction process.  Each step is aimed at providing information to everyone from the motivated beginner to the experienced modeler.

Some additional topics include: Photos of the buildings the kit is based on, planning and siting ideas, setting up your workbench and a scenery development section.