For 25 years we have been designing and manufacturing craftsman structure kits for model railroaders. Our themes have been predominantly New England mills and businesses. The prototypes are often based on buildings right in our own backyard, as is this particular offering. We have made some attempts to stray beyond the borders of the Northeastern United States, but we always find ourselves drawn back to where our roots and core interests have always been.

Many of the buildings that have caught our interest are owned by friends, business associates or longtime acquaintances. In recognition of this dynamic, we have chosen to model the structures that are the place of business of a couple local entrepreneurs from our “neighborhood”. Matt's Automotive is near our home town of Conway in Charlemont, MA. Baker's Country Store is an iconic buisness and "community center" in our home town of Conway. These businesses have character, are visually appealing and physical evidence of the strength and stamina of the small business owner.

Everything seen in the diorama is included with the exception of the figures, vehicles and scenary.

Hilltown Entrepreneurs is designed for a flat site, although the actual Baker's is on the slope of a river embankment. The drawing to the left shows the dimensions of the buildings in the kit, though the layout is up to you. Ours is based on getting the proper photographic angles to showcase the entire kit. Your scheme will proabably be different and this kit is perfect for making your own unique scene.

We have always been taken with Hilltown "Main Street" scenes. The actual buildings are also both in river valleys. Matt's still has a rail line runninng behind it. Baker's was once along Conway's Street Railway trolley line. For those who have Kit 370, Tucker and Cook, Baker's is practically next door to the old mill site