After 24 years of designing kits, we never seem to be lacking for material – and we never have to go far to find prototypical material.  The Tucker and Cook Mill was on the South River in Conway,  just a short distance from Delabarre Woolens. The mill had it’s own dam and an underground penstock. One of two mills (this one was called the lower mill), manufacturing commenced just before the Civil War and continued until about 1914, when financial troubles necessitated the auction of all the property. Like most business in Conway during the early 20th century, Tucker and Cook was served by the trolleys of the Conway Electric Street Railway, a branch of the New York, New Haven and Harford Railroad. Raw materials and coal were brought in and finished good were shipped out.

Our rendition has the mill operating a bit past the closure of the mill and the end of trolley service in 1921. In addition to the Main Mill, we have included the masonry “Picker Room”, The wood Dye House and the Boiler House. On the river side we have included sluice gate machinery and a stone retaining wall that the modeler can configure to best suit the final location of the buildings.

There is much to see, so please peruse the other two web pages.

Everything seen in the diorama is included with the exception of the figures, vehicles, the trolley and scenary. The stone wall retaining wall is included.

Tucker & Cook is designed for a flat site. The supplied stone wall provides the option of using river embankment. The drawing to the left shows the dimensions of the buildings in the kit, though the layout is up to you. Ours is based on getting the proper photographic angles to showcase the entire kit and also refelect our plan to put the kit in our layout. The scheme for your layout may be different and this kit is perfect for making your own unique scene.

This has to be one of the most photogenic kits we have made. There were so many great angles to take pictures of, we had a hard time choosing which ones to use for these web pages.