It's always fun to do a model based on a building or place that you are familiar with. H.W. Myers and Son was built in 1921 in Bennington, Vermont as a business supply center and feed mill. It was located close to to the Bennington freight yard, a convenient place to build a spur to off-load coal, bulk goods and farm equipment. In the early sixties an Artist/craftsman named David Gill opened Bennington Potters at the old Myers Building. As former potters we have visited the "Pottery Yard" countless times. Today Bennington Potters is still a major showcase of the art of Craft Pottery. You can learn more from their website.

For the kit we backdated to the late 1930's -1940's. The story line has Bennington Potters producing the pottery in a separate building (as it is done today) and possibly retailing in the Myers Building. The feed mill is depicted as it was shortly before becoming a pottery. The old, weathered sign has been replicated, the spur is in place, and the coal facility has been resurrected. The coal facility includes a pit for unloading and two portable conveyors for loading customers vehicles. Both sides of the Myers building are equally detailed. You can decide for yourself to focus on one side or both. Castings representing bulk goods are provided for the loading docks on both sides. The masonry building for the making of the pottery has a stack for the kiln, dust collection for the clay mixing and outdoor covered storage for bags of dry clay.

There is much to see, so please peruse the other two web pages.

Please Note: Vehicles and figures are not included.

The building is designed for a flat site. The spur can be placed on either of the long sides of the building. The drawing to the left shows the dimensions of the buildings in the kit, though the layout is up to you. Ours is based on getting the proper photographic angles to showcase the entire kit. The scheme for your layout may be different and this kit is perfect for making your own unique scene.

The kit includes everything seen in the diorama with the exception of the figures and vehicles. The coal conveyer and coal pit, however, are part of the kit.