The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont is one of most the beautiful areas of northern Vermont. Far from being densely populated, it is a rustic area that often seems to belong to another time.Logging and Millwork have always been staples of employment in the Kingdom. The building we have done this year, O. V. Hooker and Son, is based on a major supplier of the region's industries. It is in the town of St. Johnsbury in Caledonia County, which is often considered the unofficial capital of this area. They have been in business in the same building since the late 19th century. For several decades the business has been known as Reed's Supply, though we felt the most colorful era was when the business and building were owned by O.V. Hooker during the 1st part of the 20th century.

The kit also includes a building called Ruggles Roofing. One of the areas best known roofing companies is just down the drive from the building, but we decided to rename it Ruggles as a tribute to one of our family members from a past generation.

We designed the building to be configured and sited as it always has been - on a slope with the top 2 floors rented out as apartments with access via a walkway from the street at the top of the slope. There are parts supplied in the kit to build the Hooker building on a flat site. On the actual site the rail line runs in the foreground parallel to the spur shown on the diorama.

The kit includes everything seen in the diorama with the exception of the figures and vehicles. The forklift, though is a part of the kit.