In the 19th century Conway was an industrial hub in Western Massachusetts. One of the mills, Delabarre Woolens, operated from 1867 until it was destroyed by fire in 1904. A brick mill for the manufacture of taps & dies was built on the site in 1909. If you are familiar with South River kits you know that the 1909 brick mill was the basis for our first kit – Delabarre Tap & Die. After 20 years and 23 kits, we felt it was time to come full circle and do a kit that celebrates the spirit of what started SRMW - The Delabarre Woolen Mill.

The main building in this three building kit is a mill in the style of the Delabarre Woolen Mill. Our kits draw their themes from actual buildings. They are also scaled to fit layouts and incorporate features from other buildings in the region.  This provides interest and authenticity.  The Power Mill by the dam is based on features from one of our favorite mills in the Blackstone River Valley. The factory housing is based on a building we did for our layout, which in turn was based on research into factory housing in Western Massachusetts.

Don't miss out on this kit! After 21 years, we are downsizing. Delabarre Woolens is our last large, three building kit. We’ll continue with the yearly introduction of a somewhat smaller kit (like when we started out),that will be just as innovative, accurately rendered and carefully crafted. Also, in order to enable a return to the hobby and other interests, future runs will be much smaller.

All the buildings in the kit are designed for flat sites. We have also provided a series of stone retaining walls, a lower level for the yellow Power Mill, a dam and sluice gate machinery for both mills so that you can do a riverside scene with water power.

The kit includes everything seen in the diorama with the exception of the figures and vehicles. The dam & stone retaining walls shown are part of the kit.