The design for Robinson's is loosely based on a building that was the centerpiece of a small manufacturing town in Central Massachusetts. We combined the essence of this with the business of making and selling components for electricians. There is a family connection, but that's another story. The orginal model the kit is based on is the focus of the town of Millville, on our layout - the South River and Millville RR. The building, which sits on the opposite bank of the South River from Delabarre Tap & Die, represents all that we find exiting about a character - laden New England structure. It started as a small structure on a stone foundation near the river - probably a powerhouse. Over the years it evolved into a larger, rambling building that followed the existing road. A tower was added as perhaps as a symbol of success or to draw people's attention. The tower on the actual building was quite unsafe (and of questionable architectural value) and so it was torn down some years after the great "unveiling". Over time various bits and pieces were added and subtracted. Parts of the complex were used for retail and some areas were used for manufacturing. All in all - a very busy place!

As with many of our kits, we have made extensive use of the drama of topographic change and water features. For the less adventuresome, the kit can easily adapted be built on a flat site. That version elimated the lower level in the rear and the step-down in the storefronts. The three detached buildings can be placed anywhere. This feature is built into the design and is covered in the instructions.We hope you will enjoy our adaption in kit form of one of our favorites from the SRMW layout.

Though we have been making kits for almost 19 years, we have been in the hobby for over 40 years. From the day we started our business, we based our product on what would make us happy from the minute we opened the box to the final completion. We know that your expectations are just as high and we do all we can to meet them.
The kit includes everything seen in the diorama with the exception of the figures and vehicles. The dam & stone retaining walls shown are part of the kit.