The "Corner" comes from our imagination, but the buildings do not. Both structures/ businesses date from the early part of the 20th century. Streeter's is a well know family general store in Western Massachusetts. Bernardston Auto Exchange is the incorporated name, but has always known it as "Streeter's" as can be seen from the small sign hanging from the porch. The Clear Brook feed supply is in Northern Virginia - an iconic regional building and long established business. We liked both buildings so much that we decided to do a sort of "North meets South" theme, providing you with what amounts to two kits that can compliment each other or be placed in their own respective spots on your layout. Each building uses a gentle slope to add interest to more than one view, though either building is designed so you can also build then for a flat site.
The kit includes everything seen in the diorama with the exception of the figures and vehicles. All the stone retaining walls shown are part of the kit.
Though we have been making kits for almost 19 years, we have been in the hobby for over 40 years.  From the day we started our business, we based our product on what would make us happy from the minute we opened the box to the final completion. We know that your expectations are just as high and we do all we can to meet them.