This is a shot showing more of the diorama. We really enjoy building these, but a full shot of the diorama shows less of the buildings and the details. In this shot you can see some of the scenery we built and cover in the instructions. Not shown is the water scene off to the lower left. The Power pole shown to the right is included. The vehicles, figures and box car are not.
Here's a close-up of the front of the store. A busy corner in rural America! The signs, pigeons, fence and even the individual soda bottles are part of the kit.
The foundry is a busy place. There are a bunch of old boilers lined up by the crane, ready to for rebuilding or parts. A rack holds various sizes of sheet metal , the basic raw material needed for fabrication. Metal has value, so even scraps and discard machinery are saved.
Rail access is at the back of the complex. Raws materials are off loaded and moved by forklift. Wholesale goods are sent from the factory and retail products are received at the store.