A family business such Kendall's is symbolic of the entrepreneurial spirit found across the United States. Kendall's started as modest manufacturing facility, making boilers by hand.  Later, a small foundry was added. As this grew into a solid business the owners decided to build a retail establishment.  This made sense as much of their customer base was local and they were confident they could build a brisk trade based on their good reputation. They sold not only their consumer line of products, but also expanded into the general mercantile business. The Kendall's operation would run this way for several generations, a vital part of the regional character and provider of meaningful employment for the extended family.

There are many of these small, combined manufacturing and retail operations in different parts of the country.  To show a plausible representation of the various parts of this complex, we based each building on structures we found during our travels. The store, as one example, is a composite based on several different country stores we have studied.

Like all of our kits, the wall castings and masonry sections masters are made from scratch by hand carving. Some parts highlights: siding is from Northeastern Scale Lumber, stripwood from Mt. Albert and Northeastern Scale Lumber, windows by Grandt line, assembled Laser Shingles by Northeastern Scale models. This year we have added many new patterns made especially for this kit.  Kit builders will also be pleased to note that we are now laser cutting all of our roof bases, floors and templates in addition to laser cutting the  wood sides.
At SRMW, we take great pride in the fact that all design, tooling, building and directions are done in house. Our instructions include an extensive book, plan cards and color supplements. Not just a litany of "attach Part A to Part B", we document the entire process as we build our diorama, sharing with you the nuances and discoveries we encounter during the construction process.   We guide you through every step, starting with history and ending with guiding you through the equally extensive process of scenery development.  We know that your expectations are high and we do all we can to meet them.