The transition era is one of the most popular in Model Railroading. From the early 40's to the early 50's, steam and diesel operated side by side. Repair and Maintenance facilities made the transition, too. This structure began life as a Car Shop at the turn of the century. In time, it also handled the repair and maintenance overflow from the adjacent Roundhouse. When diesel power came on the scene, it became known as the Car Shop/Diesel Shop.
This kit originated as a replacement for the diesel shop on Dick Elwell’s Hoosac Valley Lines. Dick had just finished a major revision to his yard by installing a very personalized, 7 stall version of our Brick Roundhouse. After several folks previewed the Roundhouse, it was suggested that the aging, plastic engine house that had been on the layout for two or three decades be replaced. We looked locally for something to base our structure on and found a prototype in Springfield, Mass. The facilities in this area saw traffic from the B&A, the New Haven and the B&M. We figured this would be perfect for a Northeast pike.
The model shown above has a full interior including a traveling crane. In addition, there is another scene featuring a crane and loading dock. The door just to the right of the engine house doors is the entry to an addition representing a machine shop. One neat feature we built into this kit is that the long walls and machine shop addition seen to the right are reversible.