During the last decades of steam, many small industries like Currier and Sons were found along the single mainline tracks. Served by the peddler freights, Currier had its own spur in between it’s main mill building and the lumber shed. Close to town, the Curriers could justify a retail store for their goods and services. The wood and masonry building between the main mill and the mainline track was purchased and converted to retail and manufacturing.
Currier and Sons is what might be called a "researched" design. It's a composite design representing many researched architectural details and styles. The structures and layout provide, in a typical manner for the period, all the facilities that a small millwork shop would use. Three buildings depict the theme of cabinet making and several mini-scenes. Though set on a street with a sidewalk, I consider it more of a town than an urban scene. The buildings measure 5" x 10", for the main mill, 6.5" x 3.5" for the lumber shed and 4" x 4" for the company store.