In 1994 SRM came out with the five stall Stone Roundhouse. It was an immediate sell out and has since been one of our most sought after kits. In 2000 ( our tenth anniversary) we came up with the idea of producing a Brick Roundhouse executed in the same format as the Stone Roundhouse.

Similar to its predecessor, the Brick Roundhouse is five stalls with interior work pits and framing detail. The stalls are 15" deep on the inside. The front is about 10" across and the back is about 22" across. The distance from the center of a turntable to the doors is about 13.5". Turntables from 90' to 135' will work. We used a 90' on the one planned for our layout. Re-designed from the ground up, the roof is a monitor clerestory and the doors are square topped instead of round. To enhance the removable roof design, we added white metal interior details such as workbenches, radiators, barrel clusters and tools to create a small machine shop.