The Whitinsville Spinning Ring Co. is an actual mill building that still stands. Located in the historic Blackstone River Valley of Southeastern Massachusetts, This facility was built in the early nineteenth century. A cotton mill until 1873, it became a manufacturing facility for textile machine parts. Business blossomed and before the century was out two more brick additions were built behind this structure.
This kit focuses on the original brick structure, a wooden addition added in the late nineteenth century and a separate forge building. We moved some features to make them more visible and adapted the building to a flat site to make it more useful for model railroads, We did, however, make it possible to reverse and modify the building layout. You could easily do the original layout on a slope. In fact, this model is a kit basher's delight.
The Mill Today
This was our first kit using urethane for all of our wall castings. The results exceeded our expectations. We used the same processes to paint and weather the castings. As you can see from the photos, the castings take an excellent finish. Fit was improved, and we were able to add more delicate features. One neat new feature is the ability to alter the shape of the castings – take a look at the curved retaining wall on the retention pond!