The Martin Machine Company is a to-scale representation of a building that still stands. Many mills are often too large to model, so it is not often that I get to model a structure to its exact size and proportions. Sited on a slope of the Sawmill River in Montague, Massachusetts, Martin Machine ceased operation as a machine shop producing steel stamp machines in the early 1980’s.  The following text from an ad I wrote best describes this wonderful building…. “ Step back about sixty years and imagine yourself as a young entrepreneur. You have just come into possession of an old waterwheel granary, but your needs for expansion is limited by topography. Keenly aware of the opportunities for water power, you overcome this obstacle by expanding along the curve of the slope, setting the stage to use the Mill’s perfect location to drive the power turbines.”

This was a difficult kit to develop because of the unusual shape of the building. I built three structures to make sure my work was accurate. The picture above is the "show" diorama. The picture below is the second building. This I installed on Dick Elwell's Hoosac Valley Layout. I did the rocks and water and Dick did all the rest.