This complex is based on the last known photograph of the Sayles Mill. This central structure is three stories of coursed stone and wood construction. An ornate tower and cupola sets off the front. The building is designed to be set either on a flat site or on a gentle grade so the basement windows can be exposed. There are two other buildings and a coal dock. The Annex is represented as a rebuilt structure of mixed materials that has seen a variety of uses over the decades. The brick Powerhouse would be the most recent addition – sometime in the early twentieth century. Around this time waterpower was being supplemented by fossil fuels. It is large enough to service not only the Sayles Mill, but other adjacent mills. These collaborative efforts were common among the mill owners.
All of the wall castings for this kit were designed from scratch. Each master pattern was of individually carved masonry components scaled to exactly the right size. Cast in urethane, these walls are easy to work with and apply the finishes that we have developed over the years. Mill windows made to our specifications by Grandt Line Products help achieve the level of accuracy and believability we strive for. Precision Laser cut wood walls by Northeastern scale Models enhance and compliment the masonry building sections.
Detailing to add function, character and plausibility is provided in many forms. Almost 200 pewter details are the foundation to detailing the kit. These are all SRM originals, crafted in our shop. Sluice gate machinery, vent systems, crates, barrels, trash cans – even the pigeons on the roof. In addition, laser cut slate roofing, metal etchings and more are all part of the detailing set.