The plan view with building locations and track plan. The desigh allows for second module to be attached at a right angle forming an "L" shaped layout.
Started in 1985 and completed in 1990, this layout saw its debut in the July/August 1991 issue of the Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette. In April 1993. Model Railroader, there was a one page spread in Trackside Photos.

The CB&HT RR is set in the 1930’s, somewhere in the rugged hill country of northern New England. It has a small harbor on a large inland water body called Poland Lake.There is a yard, a broom factory, five bridges, and a station and small town. The engine house, bridges, and waterfront buildings are all scratch-built. The rest are kit-bashed. All rockwork and walls were made from original masters and molds. The bridge scene at the harbor became the basis for the interior scene on the South River Modelworks logo.

The switches and track are all by Bemo, who we think, makes the best HOn30 track and accessories. All the switches are modified with powered frogs to assist short wheel base locomotives. The whole layout is block wired and set up on a cab system.

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This shot shows the entire layout and the control consol.
A view from the yard.
Looking towards the harbor, with the broom factory at the lower left.
A 2-4-2 saddle tanker threads through the hill country.
Leaving town.....